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Saturday, December 10, 2005

I'm new to the blogging world!

I think I got this thing to work... It'll be some time before I tweek and upload pictures and stuff, try to create links so that this is a semi-useful site, but for a doctor, I'm about as techno-savvy as a caveman. Please, bear with me!

Quick rundown for all new people who venutre my way. I'm a NYC dentist married to a Canadian (also a dentist) and we have one beautiful (GORGEOUS) daughter (also refered to as CookiePuss) who will be two in January. That's me, on the left, btw. Right now I practice in Harlem 3 days a week, but my last day of work will be on December 23 because I am packing up and moving to Canada! Yup, neo-cons and lack of health insurance have officially driven us out of the place I call home. Nah, not entirely, my husband, the Canuck, really wants to move back there. So, off we go, and the moving date keeps getting pushed up, and up, and up... Plus, we have the added bonus of shacking up with my in-laws until we both find jobs and get approved for a mortgage, because no matter how much dentists make in the States, Canadian banks want to see Canadian income in order to dole out dinero. Yeah, it's a drag, but it's temporary and we both can't wait to get our house. sigh...

Gotta run, we're off to breakfast with Santa, hope we don't get trampled at the mall! More later, I promise...

I'd like to add one cool dental fact per post, maybe add some links to some dental websites for some cool info. It would be nice for people to at least learn something more than about my lame-ass life ;-)

Hokay, first fact: I am a D.D.S. Some docs are a DMD. What's the difference, people ask me all the time. Click on this link to find out!


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