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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The tree is up...and other stuff, too!

so, me and the canuck have a deal each christmas. i think fake trees are the antichrist, while he thinks real trees are messy and a fire hazzard, but marriage is all about compromise, so here's the plan...we will alternate real and fake (evil) trees each year. last year was an evil year, so this one is supposed to be a real tree year. however, since we're moving in less than a month, i just put up the fake one this year so i can save the real one for our new house (yay!). i have to admit, tho, it does look pretty nice. now we just have to keep cookiepuss away - i saw her hiding something in the couch under a blanket last night - turns out it was three of my grandmothers hand-blown glass ornaments! out of all the toys scattered around the house, she always manages to seek out the most dangerous or precious obejcts to destroy! i guess it's my fault, i really should've known better. but now it feels like christmas! tonight is santa picture round 2, this time with zelda (nana's dog) maybe cookiepuss will sit still...

in canadian news, i have a job interview! me and cookiepuss are flying to toronto bright and early tuesday morning and staying with nonna and nonno. i really hope i find a job, in an office that's clean, well-paying, and WEALTHY! i need to make $$$ so we can move out of the house and get one of our own! That on the left is a cake the canuck made for me when we officially "landed" last month (he's so cute). it was really yummy. fingers crossd!!!


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