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Saturday, May 27, 2006

friday night puke fest

yet again, a plague is upon the house, and yet again poor cookie caught the worst of it. my FIL was up all wednesday night vomiting and feeling miserable and took two days off of work as a result (and it has to be real bad for him to do that). i was wondering when it was going to float our way, and all seemed well up until last night. cookie had a bit of a diaper rash, so at about 10 p.m. we took a quick dip in the tub to wash up. after about an hour of struggling and putzing around (because bedtime is a nightly adventure for us) we got her down for the night. she finally fell asleep and canuck and i were just settling in ourselves when we heard that dreadful, liquidy gagging noise. "oh crap, she just threw up." all over the place, all over our room and her bed 'til there was nothing left, what a mess! we changed her pajamas, stripped the beds, cleaned up best we could and took her downstairs so she wouldn't wake everyone else up. we got her settled, but the poor kid, as soon as she would fall asleep she'd wake up dry heaving and crying for mommy every twenty minutes. this went on for about 6 more hours. so we slept, or should i say lay down 'cause i didn't sleep at all last night, downstairs on the living room floor with cookie on a sleeping bag (ceramic tiles so it was much easier to clean up the puke). i was literally covered with puke and phlegm and spit all night long, because after a while it was pointless for me to keep cleaning myself off (ahh, mommyhood!). i had to be at work at 9 a.m. and was ready to drag myself up to the bolton office when the dry heaves hit me, too, big surprise. i called in and today cookie and i were two sickies hanging out together. she's keeping down fluids now, but now the diarrhea has arrived and now we're putting it back into her as fast as it's coming out. and to boot, now my MIL is sick to her stomach, too! stupid plague.

it's funny, because i remember a time long, long ago when my friday night puke fests involved bars, movies, sex (!), and alcohol. those days are long over, but at least i had quite a bit of experience dealing with the puke part and i put my acquired skills from those years to the test. at least college was useful for something....

and it really wasn't all that bad. my poor cookie puss ;-(


  • Hi DocMommy!!!

    I can't wait to read up on all your news. It sounds from this post though that you haven't been having a fun time at all. I loved your introspective comments at the end :)
    I hope by now your household is feeling much better. Its awful to have a bad nights sleep and still have to go to work.

    By Blogger Rachel, At Wednesday, May 31, 2006  

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