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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

a day off!

ahhh.... so with all the long weekends and stuff coming up (my first victoria day in canada!) and with me consolidating my days AND starting this new position, my schedule's been wonky. but at least i had today off and cookie and i took advantage of the break in the rain to head downtown and hit the pavement. we accompanied daddy on the train on his way to work and walked to u of toronto's campus where we had a home-packed lunch (i refuse to buy food nowadays and bring my lunch everywhere, hey, it's saved me thousands of dollars) in front of hart house. then we walked all the way down yonge street to the st. lawrence markets where i picked up fresh pierogies and bacon-wrapped scallops for canuck's birthday on monday. i LOVE cooking and shopping for food and am eagerly looking foward to when we move and i can dominate in the kitchen once more. we close in two weeks!!!


  • Yaay! I also love cooking and shopping for food, planning what yummy meals I can make with all this fresh produce! :) We could be dangerous shopping together! sadly my love of food does show in my teddy bear like figure :( Wish our bodies were engineered to burn up as much food as we eat!

    By Blogger Rachel, At Monday, June 05, 2006  

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