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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Party time!

tonight's the office christmas party at this awesome brazilian restaurant in tribeca, the one where they walk around and slice up all the different kinds of meats at your table - including ostrich and kangaroo (no, thanks). i'm very excited because i just love getting dressed up! i got a slinky little tube top, silver stilettos, and black pants. i'm going to look HOT!
tonite cookie puss is at nana's house, like last nite. i think my mom's enjoying the time with her. i relieved nana of her duties and took cookie to target BIG mistake! man, she's a handful, and absolutely HATES sitting in the cart, but i get nothing done unless she's restrained, however unsuccessfully. but even after a temper tantrum and a lost shoes scare, i still accomplished what i needed to accomplish today, and in the end it all worked out.
the canuck and i are off into the city! i miss those days sometimes, when we could go downtown and walk around, stay up late, bar hop, etc. last night we went on a date to play pool and had an awesome time but got tired left at 10:30!!! but we stayed up late enough, if you know what i mean...


  • Hey Amanda! I'm loving your blog! You are way better at posting regularly than me. Before I could claim that I was busy, but now I'm just lazy. Hope the interview goes well!

    By Anonymous Rachel, At Tuesday, December 20, 2005  

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