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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Monday, January 8, 2007, Cookie goes to school!

My little baby/devil/angel/buddy has officially started formal education. we enrolled her in the neighborhood community center's co-operative pre-school program. on monday, wednesday, and friday she'll be out of my hair for about 2 hours in the morning, where shell learn to play with others, make arts and crafts, and hopefully listen to grownups( gee, i wonder how that will pan out...). here are some pictures of her first day, all dressed up and on the stairs!

why is it so impossible to get this kid to pose normally for the camera???
this shot is better, at least she's not making a goofy goober face ;-)

apparently, she was pretty good at letting go of me and entering the classroom, no drama, tears, or anything. that actually felt pretty good, i didn't have that surge of emotions some moms feel when dropping their kids off for the first day. i didn't feel abandoned, torn away from my child, and i didn't fret while she was away because i knew she was having a good time (i also got some crap done around the house, too!) she'll always be my baby, but i love to watch her grow up, say new intelligent and hillarious things, and see how she interacts with other people. i wonder what kind of person she's going to grow up to be. will she be a nice kid (i hope so!)? easy-going or extremely sensitive (like her mommy!). what will she like to study in school? what will her friends be like? what five million things will she want to be when she grows up? i can't wait to find all these things out, and as limited as her time in school is right now, we're on the road to discovery! so i guess that's why i feel the way i feel about the whole deal. it's great, my kid's growing up!


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