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Monday, June 18, 2007

a blast from the past

i love the 80's. i think it's possibly the coolest decade ever (not counting clothes, i leave that to the 70's). not sure if it's because the stuff was actually cool (smurfs! he-man! cabbage patch kids!) of if its because it reminds me of a time when my only worry was learning to ride a two wheeler (i was a late, late bloomer and a spaz, i was nine!) or what the newest toy in my happy meal was going to be. it's been kind of a rough couple of weeks and i needed some sort of escape from the pressure and stress i've been feeling. tuning in to this wacky stuff takes me back to a time when i felt so safe and just plain GOOD, and the hilarity and goofiness of some of the commercials makes me laugh and just puts a smile on my face. it also reminds me of how much times have changed since i was a kid. it seems like my generation had it so much easier. too much technology now with cell phones, i-pods, $150 sneakers, text messaging, and all that crap, i dunno. i'm an old-fashioned fart like that and i worry for cookie because by the time she feels the pressure to have these things i'm going to be the bitch mom who says "NO, get a job and pay for it yourself!" like mine and canuck's parents did. then she's going to be all screwed up, and it's all because of us. but i will still hang onto my principles. i'm a tough broad like that ;-)

i had originially started a rather negative post about my crappy past two weeks, but after some time off, some socialization/relaxation, a quick visit from my mom, and a good, thourough cleaning of my house, i have a much better perspective and am ready to face another wonderful(or potentially crappy, whichever way the ball swings) week with a much more positive outlook. in a nutshell, it doesn't matter that half the crowns i prepped and impressed last week didn't fit this week despite the fact that i sent perfect impressions, because i sent them new perfect impressions and i would never cement anything that was below my standards and that is what makes me a good dentist. i feel much better about opening my first complaint/incident file with the RCDS, because while it really shook me up and i am dealing with a bit of a whacko, i did nothing wrong and i have a wonderful and supportive staff to back me up and boost my confidence at times like these when i really need it. i'm proud of the fact that although it really (and i mean REALLY) pissed off my dad, who said that i was "cheap" and that all i cared about was money like my cheap uncle out in california who hasn't flown to new york in 20 years, i still stuck to my guns and didn't spend $400 fly to new york for 36 hours for my sister's high school graduation this past weekened - because that money (and then some) eventually evaporated to repair the brakes and a transmission fluid leak on ned flanders, yet another monkey wrench in the cog of my week. i'm optimistic that although canuck is underemployed and repeatedly dicked-over by his current venue, and has gotten really raw deals as far as associateships go this past year and a half, the time that i spent on my day off frantically faxing out over 20 resumes for him has paid off, as he has gotten five interviews scheduled this week. this poor guy really needs a break, i'm telling you. i'm praying that things stabilize enough for us to start having more kids, as while we make enough money together to run things smoothly, canuck wants to be able to support the house on his income alone so that i can stay home as much or as little as i'd like. i'm really lucky to have a guy who's willing to work so hard so that i have to do less. but both of us are increasingly frustrated as to how long it seems everything takes, like we want to get started on all these things, like furniture, a new roof, a dog, perhaps. i worked so hard and paid so much money for my education, when is it going to finally pay off??? why is everything so dragged out and S-L-O-W????

i'm tired and i'm hopeful and i'm nervous and i'm greatful for all that i have, but at the same time i want more, know what i mean? i want stability, i want to go to sleep at night and not have to worry about money, for canuck to have peace of mind and confidence, for me to have faith in myself as a person and as a dentist. it's just so damn hard sometimes, and it's tiring and i'm just waiting for a break, just someone upstairs to cut us some slack. that's why i like to escape to the decade where i didn't have any of these worries. i can only hope that i'm able to provide as happy a childhood as i had to cookie, so that she can look back at the ipod and spongebob and feel that same feeling of security and well-being that i have now.

i think i have to delve into the nineties now, i need to re-create some of that teen angst to bring me back to reality....


  • Sorry to read about the angsty start to the summer.

    Your nose is pointed in the right direction. Stability does take time. It's only over the last year that the dust has settled in our lives with respect to my practice.

    If you need some advice about the RCDS thing, let me know. I can give you some names of people that might be useful if you actually have to go visit them. Doesn't sound like it'll be necessary though. Make sure you let the PLP know what's happened.

    On a different, but related, note about legal matters, I'm assuming that you guys have disability insurance? Kinda important with what we do.

    By Blogger Ameloblast, At Tuesday, June 19, 2007  

  • thanks ameloblast. i've talked to PLP and they have all of my info. we're waiting to see if this guy makes a move or sends us any info. at least that way i've beaten him to the punch. clinically i know i did everything right, i'm just afraid that something will turn up in his chart that i missed or whatever, that's what had me so nervous. but i've calmed down and feel a bit better about the whole thing. it's funny, my colleague warned me about this dude, he was very non-compliant and just plain weird and his case fell into my lap when i started working there. that's the last time i give anyone the benefit of the doubt, let me tell you.

    eek, we don't have disability yet, but we've been meaning to get it and for whatever retarded reason keep forgetting. we should probably get on that ASAP. we had really great policies in the states (i know about own occupation and all the other clauses and terms) that we had to terminate when we moved here. we both do have life insurance policies that would allow full pay-off of the mortgage should one of us tragically die before the other.

    btw, congrats on the start of the landscaping!

    By Blogger Dr. Mommy, D.D.S., At Tuesday, June 19, 2007  

  • Thanks!

    I think I was able to transfer my policy from the US over to here...oh well.

    Email me if interested for the name of my ins broker. Great guy, ex dentist, realized that his insurance was inadequate once he had to go on claim himself. Got pissed so he decided to go into the business.

    Once you guys start thinking about opening up a practice, get the name of my acct. He's gotten me out of jams many, many times, has helped me set up 2 offices and has great bank connections. Most of his clients are dentists.

    By Blogger Ameloblast, At Tuesday, June 19, 2007  

  • I love the Smurfs! That clip made my day! Lovely little commies! I wish they had the smurfs on DVD so our kids cxould watch it instead of some of the stupid stuff on tv now.

    By Anonymous Lynn, At Tuesday, June 19, 2007  

  • Hey chica!
    Sorry to read that things arent going as great as you'd like. :( Just remember things will get better eventually....its been forever! I hope we can chat sometime! :)

    By Blogger slcamacho, At Wednesday, June 20, 2007  

  • Hey manda! May I just suggest that it's not just you? I have to say I think turning 30 is an angsty time. Everyone I know right now is just unhappy with some aspect of their lives (including me). It seems a long way away from when I was 23 and not a care other than what bar I would go out to that night. But I know eventually the dust will settle, and we will earn the respect and the lives we want and deserve!!!

    By Anonymous Rachel!!! (in London), At Saturday, June 23, 2007  

  • stacy, you're alive!!! where the hell have you been???

    rachel, i miss you! maybe it IS the whole turning 30 thing. you know, being 30 now means something entirely different. when my parents were 30 they were already divorced and re-married, and canuck's parents had a house and three kids. now people who are 30 are more likely only dating, childless and living in the city and not ready to settle down. that's cool, but the hand that i was dealt (and some of the cards that i myself chose) led me to settle down earlier than most people my age. so i have all these anxieties that i should have years from now, RIGHT NOW, know what i mean?

    and then there's that teensy part of me that's like, no, i'm still hot, i still like to drink, and i hate the fact that i have to do all this yard work when most people my age are sleeping in at their crabgrass-free lofts downtown on sundays!

    part of it also that despite that fact that i graduated 4 years ago, i still feel like the new kid on the block in terms of my career. i just started here a year and a half ago and it's taking time to build up steam, both with the patients and with my colleagues. in a lot of ways the change has been great, but in some i've kind of been set back as my role in the practices i work in is "low man on the totem pole" fo lack of a better phrase. my colleague, who's been there 9 years now, said she felt that way when she first started and took over the guy who sold it to our company. makes me feel a little better.

    By Blogger Dr. Mommy, D.D.S., At Saturday, June 23, 2007  

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