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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Oh, Canada!

two interviews down, one more to go! two JOB OFFERS, one more to go???

really exciting time, i have another interview in about (aboot) 45 minutes in a practice located in a swanky mall. everyone here's been very cool, and each practice that i've visited has been quite nice - modern, clean, up-to-date, and well-paying! and they want to hire ME! isn't that crazy?

as exciting as it is, tho, i'm very nervous about the future. i've worked in enough scary places and toxic work environments that started out so great and ended so crummy, i don't know how to feel. i don't want to get too comfortable mentally just yet. i guess the new yorker in me is always going to be on gaurd, no?

i can't post without mentioning the NYC transit strike. i'm in toronto right now, so i haven't felt the wrath of the commute just yet, but i hear it's a doozy. i gotta be in at the office tomorrow at noon, still haven't figured out how i'm going to get there. friday's going to be even worse, since i have to brave the rush hour stampede i've heard rumors about. i NEED to be there, however possible, these are my last two days and i really need the m0ney, especially since the canuck isn't working a ton these days either. boy, they really picked a GREAT time of year for this! while i'm sympathetic to the plight of the working man, i just can't get behind an 8% pay raise per year for a job that doesn't even require college degree. is their work hard, yes, of course, but is it $60 K+ a year hard, no way! are they entitled to a pay raise each year, of course, but guys, come on... i'm in no way siding with the MTA, they are evil little bastards and they run the subways into the ground. i guess i'm just mad at everyone at the moment and i don't know how i feel except that it's going to suck and i'm dreading it, but for the time being, i have to focus my energy on getting to work and enjoying my last days in NYC. no cool dental facts today, have to run!!!


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