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Friday, January 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Cookie!!!

three years ago today, she heralded her arrival in the typical T.V. cliche that very rarely happens in real life but, of course, happened to me. my water broke in the middle of the night when i laughed while watching seinfeld reruns. Twenty hours and an epidural later, she was born, all 9 pounds 3 ounces of her, and i thankfully managed to pull it off without a C-section. sucks, i had to work all day today, but canuck was home and actually had daddy duty at school today. i wanted to make cookies or cupcakes for the kids in her class, but everyone is so peanut-phobic and allergic nowadays with all that cross-contamination stuff (i think it has something to do with genetically modified peanuts), so the teacher told me to get something store-bought that was labeled "peanut free". turns out NOTHING on the market is guaranteed "peanut free", every bloody thing out there, even the stuff that's been baked on store premises has maybe, possibly come into contact with some sort of nut or a distant relative and is therefore off limits. so i scratched that idea and made little gifty bags filled with bubbles, scratch and sniff stickers, and noise-maker clapper-thingies for the kids (i'll bet the moms will LOVE that!). it's probably better that way, seeing as that i am dentist i probably shouldn't be loading little kids up with fermentable carbohydrates. speaking of which, i caved in and brought home mc donalds happy meals as a treat for the family, as that is cookie's definition of a "special" dinner and it is her birthday so she gets to pick.

it was canuck's turn to volunteer at school today and he said it was "interesting" which in canuck-speak means, "damn, it was hard work i'm glad i did it but i'm also glad it's over." it's my turn on the 22nd and i'm meeting the day with both excitement and trepidation. i'm curious to see how cookie is at school, how she behaves and how she treats her teachers and the other kids. canuck says she's pretty good but definitely needs to learn to listen when given instruction. i think it may be a funciton of her age, she only turned three, but at the same time we realized that our kid needs a little more structure and some sort of a schedule if she's going to turn into a functional member of our society (now that's an oxymoron!). i think a set bedtime and not allowing her to sleep in our bed might be a good start, but it's so hard to stick to something like that, especially when one or both of us works evenings. i don't even know where to start....

blowing out the candles!

my big girl's three years old today!!!


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