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Saturday, August 04, 2007

feels good

to enjoy the long weekend. it was wonderful to have the day off and furthermore topped off with an awesome party. my hygienist got married tonight and since the whole office was invited and the reception was kind of far up north, we decided to take a much needed and much deserved day off. i car-pooled everyone up there and because of long-weekend traffic and some miscommunication about who was giving a ride to whom and because some people weren't at the designated spot at the designated time, we were 45 minutes late and completely missed the ceremony and even arrived sans one invited guest. but that's another story for another time. it's about 2 a.m. now and although i just spent the last 10 hours partying and shuttling people back and forth, i feel remarkably wired right now. hence the late-nite post. but i'm so stoked to have three whole days with cookie and canuck, and i feel so relaxed and happy that i can sleep in and make pancakes tomorrow morning. yum.

the wedding was specatcular and the bride and groom looked so happy! he smiled a lot, and i can boast of at least being part of the reason as i did a crapload of work on him before the wedding, including anterior bonding. he hadn't been to a dentist in a long, long time (he was embarassed to divulge how much) but he was an awesome patient and we had a great time working together. he apparently was so happy with his teeth he walked around the house saying, "S, look at my teeth, aren't they neat? they look so nice!" i wonder how much he'll still like me after i do that treatment-planned endo on #36 when they get back from their honeymoon..... anyway, she's off to italy for three weeks and i told her to shop for paper in florence, my favorite city in the whole wide world, as it is renowned for its paper and she loves to scrapbook. who would have thought it, florence and paper, BFF? when she comes back it will be a short while before her time with us is up, as she's covering the mat-leave for our regular full-time hygienist who will be returning in november. it's very bittersweet, as we love P and she's fantastic, but we'll really miss S when she goes. i hope there's some way to keep the two, but such is the nature of mat-leave.

i think i may actually be getting sleepy now...


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