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Friday, June 29, 2007

i need an aura cleansing

i broke a mirror in my office on tuesday. i know it's seven years bad luck, but my patient and assistant who were trying to make me feel better told me that superstition arose because of how rare and expensive mirrors were back in the day, and that your reflection was your soul trapped in it and that breaking the mirror was breaking your soul. this mirror was $0.99 from honest ed's, and i myself hadn't looked into it (the patient did), so i'm hoping malocchio will gloss over me, or at least cut me some sort of break - the mirror was pretty cheap, after all, and my reflection was never seen in it. to be safe, i did some research on mirror breakage and the reversal of bad luck from such a mishap. turns out you have to bury the shards under the moon. now the incident occurred in my office and my assistant quickly cleaned up the mess. i wasn't about to go prowling around in the garbage and furthermore transport broken glass shards on the subway. that would elevate my psychiatric lunacy status from mildly insane to seriously wacko. however, i did find some alternatives. so i turned counter clockwise seven times, i'm waiting for a full moon to chant some sort of luck-changing poem/spell, and i need to find some white sage or sweetgrass to burn to cleanse the negativity from my aura and hence ward off the bad luck. any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated - and no, i don't mean "referrals" to the nice men in the white coats.


  • I broke a mirrow awhile back. I believe I'm still in my 7 year superstitial probation (no that's not a real word). From memory, two ways of avoid the mojo are 1) lighting a match right after - it "reignites" your broken soul, or, 2) washing the shards in running water - not sure what the reasoning behind that one is.

    But I don't believe in that kinda hookey claptrap. (Translation: I did both).

    By Blogger looking_down, At Saturday, June 30, 2007  

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