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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Canada Day!

we celebrated canada today by heading over to nonna and nonno's house for BBQ. i made my famous hummus and fresh brownies to give MIL a break. unfortunately we missed the pyrotechnics because we had so much to to before our trip. but i heard the wonderland fireworks from my house, and that was enough for me ;-)

yesterday canuck, cookie and i went strawberry picking in stouffville. we were warned about this season's crop, as it has been very hot and dry and we were told that the berries may be smaller and the picking slower. smaller they were, but we got some really great plump red juicy ones that were absolutely fantastic and we filled up our bucket relatively quickly. i'm telling you, nothing beats fresh-picked fruit. we also went on a tractor ride, pet some sheep (because sheep and strawberries always go hand-in-hand) and cookie played at the wooden park and hay bales they had set up. it was a really terriffic day. so now i have all these strawberries on my hands, and i have that cuisinart ice cream maker that's been sitting unused since my birthday in december. how fun would it be to make some fresh strawberry ice cream to go with those awesome brownies? it came out delicious, definitely not low-calorie but you can taste the difference with home-made. i'll never have to buy again! man, between the breads, the baking, and now ice cream, my family is mega-spoiled!

tomorrow we're off to michigan to celebrate the fourth. my mom's so excited to see us she's practically hyperventillating. given the foiled terrorist plots in london over the past few days, i'm hoping it won't take too long to cross customs. my mom also asked us to get some new single malt silver label jack daniels and some tequila at the duty free shop, despite the fact that they already have half a dozen bottles of both already. what is it about border crossings that compells people to hoard alcohol? even my FIL would ask for crown royale whenever we'd fly up here back when we were living in NYC. he has like five unopened bottles in the liquor cabinet and only opens it up once in a blue moon for special occasions, and even then he only takes about a shot glass full. anyway, my mom doesn't ask us for many favors, so we'll take a quick detour to the duty free shop to pick up some booze for her and grandpa. my plan for the week is to just hang out, spend as little money and energy as possible, and watch 1776 while snacking on fresh veggies from my mom's garden. i forewarned canuck, who absolutely detests musicals (especially watching old men in tights "mincing about and singing" about the most important document in my country's history) about the screening of this AWESOME movie, which is a tradition my family partakes in every year. but he made some DVD's to watch while my mom and i sing along to all the songs and quote every line before they are spoken. man, i love that movie! well worth the eyerolls and grimaces from canuck. i don't think i'll ever get him into watching musicals. he is the only person i know that hated west side story.

happy canada day to all!!!


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