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Monday, January 22, 2007

cookie's finally down for a nap, but of course it's right around the time when i have to jet to the post office so i can mail out my student loan payment and the check for the two outstanding parking tickets that canuck doesn't know about (yet, and i'm sure that conversation will be all shits and giggles). stupid canada post upped the postage to the states, right after i bought a whole book of stamps to the US, and i'm not sure where i can get "filler" stamps. i'm so confused! so i decided to let someone else handle it so that if/when it gets lost i have someone else to pass the blame off onto. i just have to get my arse out the door and into the cold so i can get this done. argh, why do i keep putting this off???

today was my day to volunteer at the co-op playschool, and i loved it! the kids are absolutely a blast to hang out with, and all sorts of different personalities and maturity levels. there was one girl who invited me to her house for hot chocolate and to play with her dog, and another girl who wanted to sit in my lap each circle time, and the little boy who made "purple poopie tea" and was nice enough to share. kids are a rip! but there was also a kid who was very aggressive and kept punching and shoving anyone who got in his way - he even growled at one little boy over a play-do arguement. he was placed in time out three times in the span of two hours. canuck warned me about that kid, and i could see why. cookie was one of the five kids he made cry today.

it was also cookie's turn to bring something for show and tell, and of course, she brought her most beloved and treasured barbies. "pink barbie" and "j-lo barbie" were the guests of honor. she was all excited at first and we even prepped for it before hand, like asking questions about the color of her dresses, who brought them, et cetera. but she had a sudden change of heart when it was time to present at the end of the class, and not because cookie is afraid of public speaking. she was terribly worried that the boys and girls were going to take the barbies home with them! so i took her aside and after a little bit of coaxing and reassuring that the barbies are coming home with us, she reluctantly went up to the front and allowed the kids to ask questions. i gave her a big hug and told her how proud i was of her sharing like a big girl. when i asked her about show and tell again she cried, "never, never, never, it's not for the other boys and girls!".oh-kay, so much for that sharing thing....

pink barbie is seated on the left. she is wearing the orange tutu that usually adorns j-lo barbie (seated on the right), but she usually wears a pink tutu hence the name "pink barbie". j-lo barbie is wearing the rainbow dress and was given that name because personally i think she looks like j-lo, cookie heard me say that and that name just stuck. these are her two favorites and cookie likes to say that they are married (i officiated). btw, the prince is around, he's just not in the picture, both literally and figuratively.

tomorrow canuck and i are going out to dinner after work. nothing spectacular, just a free meal and tobacco cessation course at the novotel toronto. because we can't afford anything better. and because the couple that does CE together stays together. we're just so romantic that way and it works out so well. actually, we're purposely going to take the nitrous oxide certification course together in february even though it will be tight because canuck thinks "well, it would be more fun if we did it together!" (i have pictures from our dentsply endo course in september, and that was a great time there) so i'm going to make this a special occasion and actually dress up to go to work, no sweats! i normally go to work in sweats and change into scrubs when i get there, since it's so bloody cold it's impossible to look stylish and stay warm at the same time. but tomorrow will be different, i will brave the elements so i can not only look presentable and professional at this thing, but i can be nice eye candy for my husband. i'm such a good little doctor mommy ;-)

at the dentsply course in september. all it takes is some free lunch and some extracted teeth to make us happy. i knew there was a reason why i married this guy!


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