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Monday, February 05, 2007

i have a new brother

a few months ago, nana and grandpa moved from long island, new york, to lansing, michigan, a smart move given the soaring cost of living there (that was what eventually drove us out, but that's another story for a different time). it's great because not only will they actually be able to retire in their sixties and have their mortgage paid off by then, they are only a five hour drive away as opposed to a ten hour drive away (acctually thirteen if you account for traffic in new jersey). they just bought a house in de witt county and now have a lot of room and a nice chunk of property. so who needs new furniture when you can get a new doggie!

his name is shadow, he's seven years old and he's an australian sheppard mix. nana and grandpa adopted him from a local shelter. we're going to michigan in two weeks and cookie can't wait to meet him! aparently, he and zelda are starting to co-exist relatively peacefully, but zelda is very territorial when it comes to cookie's grandpa (he's alpha) and her bones. shadow is the name he came with and nana says she sees why - he follows her everywhere!


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