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Thursday, February 01, 2007

mommy ramblings

when cookie is napping and canuck is still at work and i don't have to cook, clean, or do laundy and i finally have time to post!

it's been a busy couple of days, and february looks to be just as hectic. i can't believe how january flew! then february's gone and we're in march and it starts to warm up a bit, or at least the spring is somewhere on the horizon and not in the distant future. i love wearing my uggs and all, but the cold weather starts to get old after a while.

my new years resolution was to be more active. that means in everything - getting up and moving around and not sitting like a veal on the couch, being more active in my community and in cookie's life, being more active in my career, etc. the socializing and career thing i'm starting to get the hang of, the physical part, eh, not so much. it's at the point where i don't even bother resolve to lose the 15 or so pounds it might behoove me to shed, i just have to get my ass out the door three times a week. i thought about joining the gym where canuck lifts (religiously) because they have some cool classes, but none of them fit into my schedule and i know i won't go there to work out consistently so that's money wasted there. i wanted to do karate or tae-kwon-do, but again, i work evenings and i don't know how i can fit the classes in with cookie and child care and everything. it's too damn cold to run outside (i know, i did it on monday while cookie was in school and i'm still recovering from frostbite) so i bought a balance ball and a stott pilates DVD and was actually really good for about two weeks before i petered out. why am i having such a hard time getting motivated to just work out??? how the hell do people do it? i wonder how many calories one burns doing five loads of laundry up and down two flights of stairs all day. doesn't that count as exercise?

i made bread last night, a basic loaf in which i used kamut flour instead of my usual spelt or wheat flour. for some reason this loaf seems a little salty and i'm not sure if it's the flavor of the kamut that i need to get used to or if i added to much salt to the recipe (also very possible). it's okay and we'll eat it, but i'm going to plow through this loaf before i make another one (a lower sodium version). plus it's cold in my house and the dough takes bloody forever to rise! i also made corn bread last weekend to go with my vegetarian chili. this recipe has fresh corn kernals and two kinds of cracked pepper, so it was a really nice compliment to the sweeter chili. my next project is going to be whole wheat pretzels, a recipe that i found on the flieschman's yeast site. man, i have such a love-hate relationship with winter. i can't wait to break out all the cute clothes and flip-flops and i'm tired of layering, but there's no way my family eats this well during the summer!

hey, maybe i should be doing my pilates DVD instead of writing this post....


  • This winter we had to get one of those blue lights to help us keep away the winter blues. By about November the Girl was getting moodier than usual and I was having a hard time waking up.

    Hard to say for sure if it's the light, but we're definitely better now than then. We have more energy, feel the need to sleep during the day less, and above all, feel more motivated to do stuff.

    By Blogger Ameloblast, At Friday, February 02, 2007  

  • i think it is the light that's helping you guys, as UV-violet spectrum light helps destroy melatonin, the neurotransmitter responsible for sleep, that builds up on the retina, and sunlight is in such a short supply in the winter. i did a project on seasonal affective disorder when i was in college at rochester, the place where the sky is the color of my blog border from october to may. that would be something definitely worth looking into.

    i'll add that to the list of numerous things i need to buy to make me happy during the winter, do you think a new pair of shoes would have the same effect?

    By Blogger Dr. Mommy, D.D.S., At Sunday, February 04, 2007  

  • For me, anything with a remote control cheers me up for a few days.

    By Blogger Ameloblast, At Monday, February 05, 2007  

  • you and canuck are going to get along famously....

    By Blogger Dr. Mommy, D.D.S., At Monday, February 05, 2007  

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