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Monday, February 05, 2007

i like happy songs....

Suits XL "Play"

I used to be the one that never gets in the way,
never did have a single thing to say,
I used to think that I would never get any break,
nor did I think that it would be a piece of cake...
Well, well was I wrong, wasn't even close,
the only way to go is to keep moving to and fro,
Well, well who could tell, who did ever know,
the only way to go is to keep moving with the flow

Play, Today, don't you worry,
just be and play, before you sulk and say you can't
Play, obey., tear up the field, get dressed to kill and get set for real!

I always thought this could ever happen to me,
it's like in my dreams but it's reality,
the only way to go is keep playing with the pros...
and if you're like me you should know how it goes

Dont stay still, goodness grief
Don't stand there, move your feet
Take the wheel, hit the streets
Yeah, I've got to take a chance and get out of here...

another happy song that i bop along to in my office. we're tuned in to CHUM FM and the patients really do dig it, except for that one cranky old lady who once complaned that the radio was "too loud".


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