Dr. Mommy Dentist

Sunday, May 27, 2007

it's been so long since i posted...

...that i actually had to type in my password and e-mail address to log in. my bad, i've just had too much going on to post anything substantial. it's funny, the more that happens, the more i want to write it all down but the less time i have. like today, i have about 10 minutes to shower and change before we visit our friend's new ortho practice, but i'm squeezing this lame-o post in just to assure the few readers i have that i'm not abandoning my blog. a lot has happened in the past few weeks, awesome, good, bad, and just plain ugly. when i have a minute to myself, which seem to be few and far between these days, i'll blog about my awesome mother's day, our second date with ameloblast, my (finally!) fully packed schedule, the gardening wars/adventures, how homesick i've been feeling these last few weeks, and my very first case failure/patient complaint (not bad for four years out, it was bound to happen eventually and i'm sure there are many more to come. but it really rocked my world.)

off to get cleaned up! i like going on family adventures like this one.

Friday, May 04, 2007

damn you, obtura!!!

okay, i CANNOT master the use of this thing. all my fills have turned out like crap no matter what i try. i've had to retreat/refill at least four out of the five canals i have cleaned, shaped, and loved oh-so-tenderly since i started at the downtown office. so i've put in my official request for a thermafil machine. i will beg, borrow, steal, or prostitute myself for one so i don't have to go thru this next RCT i complete.

i'm at work and cranky because the impression that i sent for a denture i'm repairing got to the lab, but the teeth that fell off DID NOT get to the lab, having been mistakenly chucked into the garbage and they are MIA. and of course, i did not send a counter model, becuase all they had to do was plunk them back on and re-flask. FUCK.