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Thursday, December 29, 2005

champagne birthday!

above is my FAVORITE cd EVER, depeche mode's violator. this is the third copy i've had in my possesion in 10 years. a brief history about this particular CD - the first copy i got in junior year of high school (for free when the HMV bag check thought they lost my backpack) got nail polish remover spilled on it when i was a sophomore in college, that was toast. second copy, received as a gift from my last boyfriend, got stolen from the gym when i was a third year in dental school. i just got this one from the canuck as a gift, but now i have the mp3 player so i have to rip this one and upload all the songs into it. every five years, something has happened to this cd, one way or another. and five years later, i get it replaced again. coincidence? i think not! wonder how long this one will be around...

yesterday was my birthday, and i have to say it was the best one yet! that's one of my presents up there! the canuck surprised me by making me breakfast and actually getting up at 6 a.m. when cookie puss woke up at her usual hour. i slept in, it was nice ;-) went out to lunch and shopping with nana, i got a GREAT pair of jeans and some cute tops for about $70. who needs to pay an arm and a leg for great clothes, they all go out of style in a minute anyway! then canuck picked me up at nana's with FLOWERS (!) and took me to dinner at the restaurant where we had our wedding - and there i found a bunch of my friends waiting, a surprise party! i've never had one in my life, it was so unreal! but we had a blast, a fabulous dinner, and it was just the best birthday ever. canuck really outdid himself!

on a side note - i'm moving to toronto, not saskatechewan. that's not too far away, i keep telling myself.


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