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Friday, January 06, 2006

i feel pretty, oh so pretty...

i finally got out of the house last night and did something other than pack! seriously, i had not left the apartment in five days. yuck! i had some major league gray hairs and my eyebrows needed much upkeep and grooming, so i had the canuck buy me a box of clairol nice and easy medium brown and got glorious results for a fraction of the price. then i went to express and picked up some half-price editor pants and $15 tops, and lastly stopped at the salon to get my brows waxed. i wanted to splurge for a pedicure, but decided i can do it myself, since i found an unopened salon shaper box that may be useful in removing my disgusting callouses (probably more info than you needed to know). i feel much better now, more like a mommy than a zombie from night of the living dead. it's really sad, too. all this effort just to look moderately kempt, imagine how much effort is required to look glamorous!

tonite's dinner with my dad and that side of the family at his house on l.i. that should be fun! time to squeeze in last minute time with everyone. we're actually almost done packing, just the kitchen dishes and our clothes. tomorrow my friend tamika's coming to take our big couch, coffee table, t.v. stand, and anything else we can unload. the place is going to be so empty...

i'm trying to get a little flickr thingy to appear so i can upload all my photos, but i just can't seem to get it to work. i told you i'm about as techno savvy as a caveman (no offense to all you cavemen readers out there, but c'mon, you guys painted stuff on walls with dirt and hit women over the head with clubs, what do you expect?) but i'm determined to get it to work so ya'll can see pics of the cookie monster! time for me to go make pancakes (gotta use up the last of the bisquick)!


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