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Thursday, January 05, 2006

saran wrap for furniture???

yeah, it exists! and it's a life-saver, because it holds stuff together and protects from scratches and stains and everything. it ain't cheap, tho, $22.50 a pop! we took down the table and wrapped in saran wrap and a quilt. today we'll take apart the bed frame, wrap it up in saran wrap, and sleep on the mattress and box spring. cookie has been sleeping in our bed, a definite parenting no-no, but i feel so guilty for throwing her schedule out of wack these past few days and she's been absolutely clinging to me. i'm also over-compensating by putting on multiple re-runs of dora, diego, and sponge bob that are still recorded on our satellite DVR. we have no more cable service because dish network had to cancel it before they sent us the box (?). dumb! funny, the only channels we get now are FOX news and the religous channels! god help me!


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