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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

one room down, a zillion more to go!

found a pretty interesting article on BBC news about beating the holiday blues, turns out going back to work can help! http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/4577392.stm. i gotta say, i haven't been working since december 23, and while i've enjoyed the vacation, i'm getting a little stir crazy. i'm also running outta $$$! i start work on january 24, i hate to say that i can't wait (damn, i'll regret that in a few weeks!).

the computer room is done. the canuck and i, master packers that we are, managed to fit all of our hang-able clothes into one u-haul wardrobe box. there are so many different kinds of boxes!

still a lot more to go, but we are making progress. cookie put a sharpie marker in her mouth. she now has a mustache for god knows how long. i would've gotten a picture, but the kid just doesn't stay still long enough!


  • Hey Amanda, it's Tamika. I started reading your blog and I couldn't stop. It is absolutely hilarious. Don't stop writing when you move to Canada. You have inspired me to blog. Talk to you soon.

    By Anonymous Tamika, At Wednesday, January 04, 2006  

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