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Sunday, January 15, 2006

dilemmas and things to pass time

so, i'm in a bit of limbo and settling into life as a wanabe canadienne. canuck hooked up the computer so i have all my settings, my music, and my pictures at close hand. right now we're just enjoying the weekend and relaxing, because tomorrow we kick the job search into high gear!
so, the day is filled with lazy dilemmas... how to rearrange my songs (i have about 1000 of them) into playlists that i can easily sort, access, and upload into my mp3 player. when do we want to start house-hunting (after i find a job!), where the heck do we want to live, what kind of house do we want? what are we going to have for dinner? should i bake today? should i go to the mall? should i even bother to shower today?

i guess i can't complain at this point. these kinds of dilemmas are fun to tackle and sort out. but they do get old very quickly, and i know from experience, once you have too much free time on your hands, nothing gets accomplished. i need to find a job. period.


  • Congrats on safely making it to Canada!! I totally want to hear about importing the car and making it through customs. Was it weird? Don't worry you will find a job soon. Tell the canuck and cookie hello from me. BTW, the apartment has arrranged nicely from all the "new" furniture - thanks again.

    By Anonymous Tamika, At Tuesday, January 17, 2006  

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