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Saturday, January 07, 2006

echo, echo, echo!!!

that's the sound one can expect to hear when walking thru our partially vacated apartment. my dear friend "tamtam" (hello, darling!) came and did us a huge favor by taking one of our couches, a t.v. stand, coffee table, and tempermental t.v. set. i'm so proud of us, too, because we both successfully navigated the u-haul truck into our half-occupied, pie-shaped driveway without dinging any cars or ripping any brick facing off the house! (you guys know that story all too well). chicks rule! so now we are sorta couch-less, our t.v.'s on the floor and the surround sound system and dvd player are all packed up. but we're keeping the PS2 connected until the bitter end, so i can play the sims and canuck can play NHL 2001 and we can watch movies because our satellite t.v. has been cancelled, and all we get is fox news, HSN, and angel/bible network (exactly what a liberal democrat and a canadian need 24/7 access to!)

i heart you, my little sim peeps!

nana was a saint and took cookie to the playground at the mall while we moved all of tamtam's stuff downstairs. we're going to meet up at on the border and take advantage of a free meal courtesy of nana and grandpa! speaking of food, we just cleaned out or fridge, cabinets, and stove. and i don't just mean clean... i have literally performed my first exorcism. i would be so excited and proud if it were actually my fridge and appliances i was cleaning and not our jerk-off landlord's! i would even feel good if he was at least nice to us (which he's not). so, we're busting our humps getting this place in ship-shape condition, and i know he's going to have something to whine about. i'm even plunking down about $300 to have his cheap and nasty carpet cleaned, and not just steam cleaned, we're getting the "crystal dry carpet cleaning system" which will transform this apartment (i'm incapable of doing a half-assed job, no matter how big the jerk-off). so, in a nutshell, after the carpet cleaning and painting, we'll have spent about $500 to get back our $2400 security deposit. after all this, we'd better get that money back or i think the canuck is going to get physical...


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