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Friday, January 06, 2006

i should've known...

that things would be too good and i would get too relaxed. one of the offices that i had secured a job in just called to tell me that, hey, despite the fact that i spent about $300 to fly up for the interview, the person who was leaving has decided to stay and hey, they don't need me anymore! i still have one place secured (at least i hope so!) but it's only a trial period for one day a week. i feel like i just got royally screwed. and the woman i talked to was like, "oops, sorry 'bout that!" like it was nothing. i should have chewed her out then and there, but i don't want to burn any bridges, right? so i'm scrambling to fax more resumes, hopefully i'll find something else even better and closer to home. i guess everything happens for a reason, right?


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