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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

first official post from toronto, ontario, CANADA!

i haven't posted in a few days because the computer was packed up and we had disconnected our internet service, so it's been a while. i tell you, i feel naked without my computer. not that i'm a techno geek or anything, i just have gotten so used to checking my e-mail five times a day that when i don't or can't, i feel like i'm off my meds. so, i'm on a borrowed PC, but not for long, we're going to det up our own once the fog of travel and sleep deprivation lifts.

but, alas, we have arrived. it doesn't quite feel real just yet, but the homesickness has manifested itself in subtle ways. like i took out a leftover slice of pizza from our last dinner in new york to heat it up and i started crying. dumb, i know, but you can't help your emotions, right? crap like that'll pass in a bit, i'm sure. i'll just deal with it as it comes, i guess. canuck's been great thru this whole thing, he holds my hand and rubs my neck just when he senses that i need it.

cookie's calling for me and i'm fading fast, gotta cut this short. can't wait to tell of all the adventures of crossing the border and importing my car!


  • wow, you're in canada!! Will there be any americans left in america?? :) Don't worry, I cry every time I have to get on the tube....

    By Anonymous Rachel, At Wednesday, January 11, 2006  

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