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Sunday, January 08, 2006


holy crap, i didn't realize how much STUFF we have! canuck and i were patting ourselves on the back last nite, thinking, yeah, we totally got this under control, we accomplished sooooo much, this is a piece of cake! well, nana and grandpa came over today and i was thinking, hey, all they have to do is pack up our regular dishes, pots and pans, et cetera and we'll be done, right?

WRONG, i was sadly mistaken! it was like all this stuff had sex and multiplied in the last few hours and every nook, crannie, and crevice of our apartment gave birth to more piles of stuff kids! now, our apartment is rather large, a 1000 square feet duplex with lots of closet space, and canuck and i have always prided ourselves as being anti-clutter nazis. but it's really surprising how all this random stuff that we didn't even think about whewe lived here because it was so artfully put away (we are also fairly tidy people): cookie's infant car seat, my breastpump (both of them), a wine rack, computer wires, blankets, cookie's toys, and loads of other bits and pieces that i had no idea existed but were vital and could not be thrown away. i was totally floored by nana and grandpa's packing savvy and was amazed at how they fit stuff and where. we have bit more touching up to do, but i can't even think about it now, i'm just so fried...
good news, i have 2 more interviews lined up, these are a little closer to where we want to live. i hope these people are ready to hire and won't change their minds just as i'm getting ready to sign a contract! funny, canuck has one lined up just a few blocks down from where mine are! that would be a trip if it worked out that way!
as a special treat, nana and grandpa brought this for lunch today. each time i say i won't do it, i'll regret it, i do it anyway, and voila! it's been over eight hours and i can still taste it. never again... until next time!


  • Don't worry....there are no White Castles in Canada. Enjoying your blog....I live just west of Toronto.

    By Blogger Cindy, At Monday, January 09, 2006  

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  • wow, i didn't think people would actually read my blog!

    to answer your question, i didn't really do anything other than practice dentistry in new york before blogging. now i'm practicing dentistry in toronto (well, if i find a job, that is!) and just took this up as a way to keep my friends posted and deal with the whole transition thing. so far it's been pretty fun!

    thanks for your comments! they make me feel interesting ;-)

    By Blogger Dr. Mommy, D.D.S., At Wednesday, January 11, 2006  

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