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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

people are pricks...but it's all okay

so, it's been confirmed - i was notified on monday that dr. x's job offer is "on hold" and that they would be contacting me when they were hiring again. the schmuck didn't even have the decency to tell me in person - he kept dodging my calls and then had his receptionist break the news today in polite but prick-ish language. yeah, buddy, good luck with that crack head from quebec, i'm sure she'll do a marvelous job!

but just when you think things are looking kinda crappy and that $300 you wasted on plane tickets for those interviews was a wash, you get some really fantastic and flattering news. so, canuck had an interview at one of the places i also interviewed back in december. it was one of those dentist-in-a-box type chains and they own about 18 offices in the greater toronto area. i liked the people there, the office was pretty clean, and they location was AWESOME, but felt kinda funny signing such an extensive contract. i hadn't officially told them no, but was pretty sure i wasn't going to take it. well, apparently, they remembered me and they liked me, and as of monday, the position was still available. i have to call and see if this is for real, and if it is, i'll take it! i'll do anything to make money at this point.

canuck and his posse are at the storage facility unloading and re-packing up our stuff, which has finally cleared customs. we're going to bring the important stuff back to the house, like my clothes, linens, cookie's toddler bed, etc. which is great, because i've been wearing the same pants, shirt, and underwear for the last week (all washed repeatedly, i'm not that nasty!) and cookie has made herself very comfortable in our bed. apparently, our paperwork was not filed properly, which caused some turbulence but the nice people at customs believed our story of no, we aren't smuggling anything in, and the stuff we're importing isn't worth crapolla, anyway!

hurray for canadian customs!


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