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Saturday, January 21, 2006

settling in

so, it's official, as of february 1, 2006, i will officially be employed at dentist-in-a-box office in downtown toronto. i have mixed feelings about the whole thing. on the one hand, it's a huge corporation that employs about 60 or so dentists and i had to sign a 10 page contract with restrictive covenants and termination policies and money holdbacks, i just wanted to run away screaming. on the other hand, the office is located right above a second cup coffee shop in an awesome, young neighborhood full of artists and students and a really ethnically diverse population. i think i'll get a nice smattering of patients there and we'll have lots to talk about. also, the people that interviewed me are pretty stoked that i'm working there, they seem really nice and pretty chill - we'll see how it goes when i'm overbooked and cranky! i'm hoping to make just enough dough to get approved for a small mortgage so we can high-tail it outta here! this house is a wee bit crowded...

here's some more canadiana for all you interested folk. try to guess the canadian lingo! i've been inspired by my best bud rachel's previous posts from london, england, and had a great time reading the responses. let's see how much you americans (and anyone else around the globe) knows aboot canadian life! some are really easy, some not so much...try to guess and don't cheat by looking them up!


toughie: how many highways span the entire length of canada?

more fun stuff to come!


  • Hehe I can only guess one.. I think pop is soda or soft drink/ fizzy as it is called here in OZ. Also it could be pop as in mom and pop businesses where pop means grandad.

    I am at a loss as to what the others could mean. The neighbourhood you are going to start work in sounds really good ! I'm sure you'll get a good mix of restorative, preventative and cosmetic dentistry there :)

    Haha I know what you mean about being overbooked and cranky. I also like to take my time to chat to patients to get to know them as well as explaining treatment before commencing etc. And sometimes when you're short of time it just gets stressful and you don't feel like you have time to connect as well as do some treatment.

    When do you start? Full or part time? Hope it all goes well!

    By Blogger Rachel, At Saturday, January 21, 2006  

  • Whoa- there are two rachels who read your blog. That's weird. Here are my guesses:
    chesterfield: some kind of cookie?
    pop: soda?
    zed: zero?
    toque: no clue?? torque spelled wrong?
    converter: for electricity??
    poutine: I think this is some kind of potato and cheese dish??

    By Anonymous Rachel M, At Monday, January 23, 2006  

  • I suppose it would be cheating to answer them since I grew up in Canada and still use some of them though I now live in the U.S.

    Really enjoy the blog & hope your adjustment to a new country continues smoothly!

    By Blogger michele, At Wednesday, February 08, 2006  

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